Meagan Hintz is a resident of Rockford where she lives with her husband and two young boys. 
She received her Masters in Public Administration from Grand Valley State University and works for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a Governance Analyst, active in her local chapter of the National Manager’s Association.  She is currently attending Grand Rapids Community College for an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming. 
With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field, she is very passionate about public health and policy. She has become more involved with algorithmic model building projects in healthcare. She is very excited about the future of AI/ML use in healthcare in a way that promotes equity and increases health outcomes for vulnerable and underserved populations. 
As a three time candidate for Michigan’s House of Representatives, Meagan’s campaigns have focused on issues with education, civil rights, and environmental protections. She is also a Precinct Delegate for Rockford’s Precinct #2.  She is excited to help the North East Kent Dems work to grow grass roots movements to push back on right wing extremism that has become a major threat to our local schools, libraries, and local governments. She is determined to protect our communities against censorship and our children against hateful discrimination and violence.